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Free 60 sec Skill Assesment

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Our Most Popular Pathway:
Become a Qualified Childcare Worker
Unlock a rewarding career in child care by becoming a qualified child care worker. Make a positive impact on young lives, create a nurturing environment, and foster a child's development and growth. Gain the Qualification's needed to provide exceptional care and support to children, while also ensuring their safety and well-being. If you are looking to recognise your existing skills, this path will empower you to make a difference in the lives of the youngest members of our community.

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We will provide assistance in compiling your portfolio of evidence from previous work, photos, videos, reference letters or even other national or international qualifications.


Review of evidence

Compiled evidence is passed on to our RTO's for further assessment. If further evidence or information is required, our staff members will contact you.


You're certified

You're certified! You will be provided with a nationally recognised Australian qualification. The qualifications you receive are the same you would receive from full time study.

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Envision a Future of Independence and Financial Freedom

Achieve independence and financial freedom with Allied Certify. Qualify for rewarding careers, pursue your passions, and secure a stable future. Our accredited online assessments propel you towards fulfilling careers. Start your journey today.

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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) pertains to the skills and knowledge you've amassed through work and life experiences. For example, years spent as a medical receptionist could certify you in healthcare administration.

Before embarking on further studies or training, consider the experience you already possess. You might be able to decrease the duration of acquiring your qualification, or perhaps, bypass the need for additional study altogether.

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Testimonials: Our Students' Triumphs

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Emma Brown

"I can't thank Allied Certify enough for simplifying the qualification journey. Their team's support and personalised approach made all the difference in my professional growth."

James Williams

"The recognition I received through Allied Certify opened up new doors in my career. It's a practical and efficient way to showcase your skills and expertise."

Michael Johnson

"Allied Certify's assessment process was seamless and fair. It gave me the recognition I deserved, enabling me to excel in my field and achieve my career goals."

Olivia Garcia

"I highly recommend Allied Certify to anyone looking to validate their skills and experience. Their qualification process is efficient, transparent, and invaluable for career progression."

Isabella Rodriguez

"Allied Certify has been a game-changer for me. Their recognition process helped me advance in my career without the need for additional studies. It's a truly transformative experience."

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All qualifications are offered by our RTO's. Discover a career that aligns with your lifestyle.

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