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Harnessing Your Value and Journey - Reflecting Your Hard-Earned Experience in the Allied Health Sector

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Allied Certify revolves around the essence of recognising and rewarding the learning, development, and industry experience of every Australian in the allied health sector. We are committed to certifying professionals like you, acknowledging your unparalleled experience and setting you up for future accomplishments.

Meet the team

Adam Zahr
Tunahan Guner
General Manager
Hassan Chehab
Team Manager
Josh Flavel
Sales Manager
Jack Williams
Recruitment Manager
Ryan Baxter
Senior Sales Consultant
Dyan Diaz
Head Of Design
Evelyn Cogay
Client Support
Rachael Cogay
Support Manager
Zane Zahr
Accounts Specialist

Why Allied Certify?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Success with Allied Certify

Streamlined Qualification Pathway:

We offer a straightforward qualification process, allowing you to efficiently gain recognition for your existing knowledge and experience.

Effortless Enrollment:

Begin your journey by easily enrolling in our RPL assessments. This process designed for your convenience.

Expert Assessment:

Our experienced assessors will carefully evaluate your qualifications, ensuring a thorough and transparent assessment.

Tailored Evaluation:

We customise the assessment to match your unique skills and experiences, ensuring a fair and comprehensive review.

Progress Transparency:

You'll have clear visibility into your assessment progress, empowering you to take control of your qualification journey.

Qualification Achievement:

Upon successful evaluation, you'll earn accredited recognition, opening doors to new opportunities and career growth.

100% Audit Success Rate

We boast a perfect audit success rate
for our applicants. Our company
ensures that you receive your required

Streamlined Process

Our staff members will help you
throughout the processes from start
to end. This includes help compiling
your portfolio of work evidence.

Experts in the field

With over 10+ years in the industry,
you can be assured that when you are
working with us, you are working with
the best.

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